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It's clear that on such kind of a dating site privacy is the most important aspect. It's our top priority as well.

Absolute safety

We outsource daily security system check to top agencies like McAffee. This makes our website 100% malware-free.

Absolute success

As long as we have the largest database of married people in the United Kingdom. This means you're going find a compatible partner very fast.

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Before appearing in search results, all member profiles get checked by our UK-based support department.

What is this site for?

MarriedDatingClub.co.uk is a wildly successful online dating site given specifically to married people that has hundreds of thousands of registered members from all over the UK with a fair 70/30 percent split on female/male profiles, and we expect this number to increase dramatically. We have created Married Dating Club specifically for those who want to refresh their relationships and find a no-strings type of relationship. Moreover, our site keeps relationships live. Yes, you have read it right. Our goal is not breaking the families. On the opposite, we save them. Finding a casual encounter will save ones marriage. If not, marriage will for sure end up. Those of you, who are married, know what we're talking about.

Married dating online?

One of our members, Maggie, said "I was shocked to see how many unhappy marriages are out there, it's sad in a way, but it is what it is and before the internet dating sites, people just struggled through their marriages, she adds. It's a known fact that those who are married and looking, don't usually rely on dating sites. The problem is privacy. One thinks that online you can be spotted by a spouse easily. Well, your privacy is our top priority. We run a number of dating sites in the UK for specific purpose, but here we have done our best to ensure your safety and security.

Why Married Dating Club?

Even though there are many dating for married people in the UK, we have the largest functioning database of active members. This basically means that whatever your goal is before you come here, whether you are married and want to find an affair, or you are single and want to find a married one to share a bed with, you've came to the right place. A new experience begins right now. So, welcome to the Club!

Why women come here?

Our female website members say they're happily involved in long-term affairs with men they have met online. I feel good about myself, I don't feel overweight, I don't feel unattractive, I feel that many men are definitely interested in me sexually and I don't argue about sex with by husband anymore, as I have a lot of sex on the side, everybody's happy", says Jessica.

Why this site works?

Something brand new has just spotted on the Internet websites, devoted entirely to people, who want to commit adultery. It's really a fascinating stuff, because Web has made it much easier for housewives or married women to cheat on their spouses. We have asked some of share their experiences. Some of them agreed, but we promised not to disclose their real names and show their pictures here.

Jessica says she loves her husband, but after years of arguing with him about his lack of interest in sex, they went on what she expected to be a romantic getaway without their children. "Well, the first day he said he was tired, second day the same, third night I didn?t stand it and I said "OK". I'm going to get a lover, because you know, that really hurts my feelings to know that we were away for three nights and he didn't show any interest in me at all".

After thirteen years of marriage, Maggie's husband just suddenly lost sexual interest. 'He is a great man. And I'm sure I really love him. But he's simply boring. He gives more of the attention to my son rather than to me."

Both women have the same problem - feeling undesired, unloved, unattractive, and both are secretly cheating on their husbands. In fact, for today's desperate housewives it's just like shopping on eBay. "When on the internet, I've just typed "married women looking for affair". I liked Married Dating Club because there were a lot of men to choose from? " Maggie told us.

With so many people taking advantage if this high-tech way to step out on their spouses, is cheating becoming more acceptable? Well, it's still much of a taboo. Anyway, we all agree that cheating has become more common than it was in the past, just because there are so many more vehicles for cheating. We think that if you poll a thousand people they would still call it a taboo or immoral to cheat, but if you step back for a second and put people into different conditions and say 'Now, if you could cheat with no consequences, what then?", the situation and their point of view will change dramatically.

Even though many people think an affair is not a fix for bad marriage experience, we don't agree. Jessica has been with the same lover now for 3 years, Maggie - for two and a half. Otherwise their marriages would have been broken much earlier. We've investigated the problem from the men?s side as well. Now, this is a great place to find a sex-hungry woman for no-strings relationship, isn't it?